BIS Compact video extension

BIS Compact video extension
  • Seamless integration of Bosch video devices under one application with a common look and feel
  • Advanced video functionality for enhancing intrusion or fire detection
  • Direct command & control of video devices from the central map viewer
  • Hyperlinks between, for example, intrusion alarms in the event log and correlated video recordings on DVRs
  • Direct integration of live video in action plans


BIS-FCMP-VIE43 BIS Compact 4.3 視訊延伸模組

BIS 紧凑包扩展提供适用于报警触发或持续监控和录像的强大的视频功能。

商业类型: BIS-FCMP-VIE43
产品编号: F.01U.327.523

BIS-FCMP-VIE42 视频扩展许可证

BIS 紧凑包扩展提供适用于报警触发或持续监控和录像的强大的视频功能。

商业类型: BIS-FCMP-VIE42
产品编号: F.01U.320.418