CBS-BNDLE1-FIR 消防主機遠端服務配套

产品编号: F.01U.335.524

CBS-BNDLE1-FIR 消防主機遠端服務配套
  • Fast and easy installation (no need for special IT knowledge)
  • Configuration, service and maintenance for FPA-5000/1200 systems via a trusted and secure internet connection
  • Seamlessly integrated software into FSP-5000-RPS for fault free handling of remote sites
  • At least 25% improved efficiency for each maintenance call
  • Automatically generated reports save time


C1500 安全网络网关

C1500 安全网络网关

预配置Secure Network Gateway,以便通过即插即用以太网高度安全地连接到 FPA-5000/FPA-1200 MPC,其中包括Remote Services(Remote Connect、Remote Alert、Remote Maintenance)的试用许可证。

商业类型: C1500
产品编号: F.01U.309.110