D7030X Family LED annunciators

D7030X Family LED annunciators
  • Use with the FPA‑1000 Analog Addressable Fire Panels or FPD‑7024 FACPs
  • LED indicates power, trouble, and zone status
  • LED annunciates eight individual zones expandable to 64 zones
  • Aesthetically appealing appearance, mounts flush to electrical box in either surface or flush mounted configurations
  • UL Listed


D7030X 显示盘,8个报警LED

Eight zone LEDs indicate alarm conditions.

商业类型: D7030X
产品编号: 4.998.800.536

D7030X-S2 信号器,8个LED(2个用于监控)

Two LEDs indicate supervisory conditions, six indicate alarm conditions.

商业类型: D7030X-S2
产品编号: 4.998.140.386

D7030X-S8 信号器,8个LED(8个用于监控)

All eight zone LEDs (yellow) indicate supervisory conditions.

商业类型: D7030X-S8
产品编号: 4.998.140.387



D7032 信号器扩展器,8个LED

D7032 信号器扩展器,8个LED

Use with D7030X Family LED annunciators

商业类型: D7032
产品编号: 4.998.140.388