D7050 MUX smoke and smoke/heat heads

D7050 MUX smoke and smoke/heat heads
  • Mounts in the D7050-B6 MUX base, 2-wire
  • Superior dust immunity
  • Exclusive Chamber Check self-diagnostics
  • Automatic sensitivity test features
  • Easy disassembly for cleaning
  • 详细信息
    Current (from MUX bus)
    Alarm 0.56 mA maximum
    Standby 0.55 mA nominal
    Power-up Time 22 sec. maximum
    Voltage (minimum) 8 VDC peak from the multiplex bus
    Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Immunity: No alarm or setup on critical frequencies in the range of 26 MHz to 950 MHz for field strengths < 50 V/m
    Temperature (normal operating): +32°F to +100°F (0°C to +38°C)
    Note: The environment where these detectors are installed must be within the specified normal operating temperature limits.
    Color: Off-white
    Dimensions (diameter x D): 4 in. x 1.3 in. (10.2 cm  x 3.3 cm)
    Material: High‑impact, fire‑retardant ABS plastic


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D7050 多路传输感烟头

The symmetry of the D7050’s optical chamber allows 360° uniform smoke entry, but minimizes external light entry. Within the chamber, large smoke particles scatter infrared light which is detected by a gated, high-speed, photodiode sensor.

商业类型: D7050
产品编号: 4.998.140.391

D7050TH 多路传输火灾探测器头,固定热量

The D7050TH has an optical smoke chamber and a 35°F (57°C) fixed-temperature sensor. Use it in confined areas where a fire increases air temperature slowly but substantially before the fire breaks confinement.

商业类型: D7050TH
产品编号: 4.998.140.394



D7050-B6 多路传输底座,2线

D7050-B6 多路传输底座,2线

Required base for the D7050 and D7050TH MUX smoke heads

商业类型: D7050-B6
产品编号: 4.998.140.392

D8125MUX 扩展模块,多路复用

D8125MUX 扩展模块,多路复用


商业类型: D8125MUX
产品编号: 4.998.800.195

DT-2 探测器拆卸/测试工具

DT-2 探测器拆卸/测试工具

Use the DT‑2 to remove, replace, or test the detector head

商业类型: DT-2
产品编号: 4.998.151.481