FMM‑7045 Manual stations, MUX, red

FMM‑7045 Manual stations, MUX, red
  • Easy addressing with rotary switches
  • Terminal connections and low current draw
  • Key‑lock reset
  • Replaceable scored acrylic break rod option
  • UL Listed and ADA compliant


FMM-7045 多路传输手动操作器,单个,红色

The single‑action manual station is UL listed and meets Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements. An address on the polling circuit is easily set with rotary switches. The pull-down handle locks in the activated position. It is reset by opening the unit with a key and then relocking it.

商业类型: FMM-7045
产品编号: F.01U.001.461



FMM-100GR 破碎棒,带有刻痕的亚克力,12件

FMM-100GR 破碎棒,带有刻痕的亚克力,12件

Scored acrylic rods (12 per package)

商业类型: FMM-100GR
产品编号: 4.998.155.098