D7035 Octal Relay Modules

D7035 Octal Relay Modules
  • Provides eight Form C programmable relay outputs
  • Module connects to the FACP’s option bus
  • D7035 mounts conveniently inside the FACP enclosure with no separate enclosure needed
  • D7035B includes mounting skirt and enclosure for mounting outside of the FACP enclosure
  • Up to two modules are supported by the FACP


D7035 多路传输八进制继电器模块

Provide eight Form C relay outputs (w/o enclosure) for the D7024, FPD-7024, or FPA‑1000 Fire Alarm Control Panels (FACP)

商业类型: D7035
产品编号: 4.998.800.539



MP-D203 安装板套件

Kit consisting of a 44981B Mounting Skirt with associated plastic standoffs and mounting screws

商业类型: MP-D203
产品编号: 4.998.140.501