BIS Compact

BIS Compact basic package
  • 精密的警報與安全管理系統,提供消防或防盜保障
  • 一個使用者介面中的所有相關資訊,以及透過互動式地圖和 HTML5 行動計畫的直覺式操作
  • 符合工效的中央控制台,引導操作員以減輕其負擔
  • 可供取證調查的完整事件記錄和稽核追蹤
BIS Compact video extension
  • Seamless integration of Bosch video devices under one application with a common look and feel
  • Advanced video functionality for enhancing intrusion or fire detection
  • Direct command & control of video devices from the central map viewer
  • Hyperlinks between, for example, intrusion alarms in the event log and correlated video recordings on DVRs
  • Direct integration of live video in action plans