B443-CHI 插入式行動數據,HSPA+ (3G+)

Commercial Type No.: B443-CHI
Product No.: F.01U.351.650

B443-CHI 插入式行動數據,HSPA+ (3G+)
  • Remote programming and monitoring of compatible Bosch control panels
  • Configured directly from Bosch Remote Programming Software eliminating the need for separate configuration
  • Overview
    Current (operating) Standby: 35 mA Alarm: 150 mA
    Voltage (operating) 12 VDC nominal
    Board Dimensions 50 mm x 93.5 mm x 15.25 mm (2 in x 3.68 in x 0.60 in)
    Antenna (included) Magnetic base omni-directional 2.5 m (8.2 ft) cable with SMA connector
    SIM card 3V/1.8V SIM (compliant with GSM 11.12 recommendation)
    Operating temperature -10°C to +55°C (+14°F to +131°F)
    Relative humidity 5 - 93% at +32°C (+90°F) non-condensing
    Environmental class III
    Usage Indoor




    AppSupport GPRS Indoor IPNet
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    安裝手冊 PDF