Praesideo - 數位公共廣播與緊急警報系統

Praesideo - 數位公共廣播與緊急警報系統
  • Digitally networked system for Public Address and Voice Alarm
  • Up to 28 simultaneous dynamically assigned audio channels for calls and BGM
  • Flexible and scalable solution for medium to large systems
  • High reliability through supervision and backup functions

Product variants

PRS-NCO3 網路控制器

系統控制器、路由器、監測器和介面、設置用的內建網頁伺服器,提供了本機音訊和控制 I/O、4 頻道 WAV 訊息播放程式、為連接網路的其他裝置 (機架裝置 2 RU) 供電的電源供應器。

Commercial Type No.: PRS-NCO3
Product No.: F.01U.249.771