Commercial Type No.: CBS-INSA-OPERAL
Product No.: F.01U.349.093

  • Intuitive dashboards with performance indicators and visualizations for merchandisers
  • Reliable and anonymized person-level traffic data through advanced camera-based people-tracking, and cloud-based path analytics
  • Hosted In-Store Analytics platform, operated, secured and maintained by Bosch
  • Scales to the even the largest retail stores, with high camera counts
  • Remote device and data monitoring service to ensure data quality
  • Overview
    Peak upstream in Mbit/s 0.22
    Average upload in MB per day (24 hrs) 900
    Average upload in GB per month 27
    Additional upload capacity per site for configuration and maintenance purposes, in Mbit/s 2
    Memory Cards Verify which memory cards are supported on the respective camera’s datasheet. For example the FLEXIDOME IP panoramic 7000 MP supports cards from 32GB SDHC to 2TB SDXC . An SD card of Class 6 or higher is recommended for HD recording.
    Digital Video Recorders DIVAR IP 2000/6000 DIVAR IP 5000 DIVAR IP 7000 (including Bosch VMS)



Belongs to

In-Store Analytics Operations Module

In-Store Analytics from Bosch is a hosted service solution that provides retailers with actionable insights into store traffic, and so helps to optimize merchandising and store operations.