PSU-IIR-100 電源供應器 100-240VAC/24VDC,4.2A

Commercial Type No.: PSU-IIR-100
Product No.: F.01U.319.330

PSU-IIR-100 電源供應器 100-240VAC/24VDC,4.2A
  • Constant Voltage design for external LED lighting applications
  • Built-in active Power Factor Correction (PFC), typically > 0.93
  • Turn on time < 1 second with soft start
  • Protection: Over-Load, Over Current, Open Circuit, Short Circuit, Over Temperature

Belongs to

Power Supply Units for IR Illuminators

Constant Voltage 24 VDC power supplies designed for LED lighting applications. 35W, 60W or 100W. 100-240VAC in.